A Process for Developing a Common Vocabulary in the Information Security Area


Von Knop, J.,
Salnikov, A.A.,
Yaschenko, V.V.

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For the last years there are tendencies of growing numbers of cyber attacks and the scale of casualties has been growing as well. Cyber attacks against critically important segments of informational infrastructure including the systems of control of transport and dangerous industry are becoming more real. Since the attacks are made with the use of global informational infrastructure they could be organized from every part of the planet, which means that we can only resist them with the help of international cooperation. The scientific part of such strategies must have the adjustable terminology and the conception apparatus. Every scientific investigation - when it accompanies specialists from different countries - has to start with agreement upon the terminology. There is a need to harmonize different languages in which specialists speak in order to guarantee the information security. These are the languages of the lawyers, insurers, brokers, creators, technicians, law-enforcement structures and standardizations.