A History of National Accounting


Vanoli, A.

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"A first-rate manual of high educational value. André Vanoli has scored an impressive pedagogic achievement."
- Pierre Muller, INSEE Courrier des Statistiques
"The book is a major achievement and will be a unique source of reference for many inside and outside the world of national accounts"
- Frits Bos, Economic History Review
In A History of National Accounting André Vanoli focuses on this history in the second part of the 20th century. The publication is devoted to: the birth of national accounting; the evolution of systems of accounts and accounting issues in the perspective of international harmonization; national accounts as a statistical synthesis; concepts and their relations with economic theory and; uses and status of national accounting.
The book emphasizes the relations between economic theories and the observation of the present and the past looked at from the viewpoint of economic measurement. Some parts of the book are especially devoted to the French experience in this field, but the point of view is deliberately universal.
A former director at INSEE, the French Central Statistical Office, André Vanoli (1930) is a very active participant in the history of this field, both in France and at the international level. He served as Chairman of the Council of the International Association for Research in Income and Wealth (IARIW) and is the president of the French National Accounting Association since it was founded in 1983.