A Compact Fast-Neutron Producing Target for High Resolution Cross Section Measurements Measurements


Flaška, M.

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Delft University Press


A proper knowledge of neutron cross sections is very important for the operation safety of various nuclear facilities. Reducing uncertainties in the neutron cross sections can lead to an enhanced safety of present and future nuclear power systems. It is essential to have a tool to measure the neutron cross sections at required resolution. The Geel electron linear accelerator (GELINA) is the one with the best energy resolution. The present GELINA capabilities will be improved by designing a new high-power neutron producing target. The new target designed will substantially enhance the obtainable energy resolution, while not compromising the neutron flux. The first step was to optimize the target in size and material. The second step was to optimize a block-shaped geometry, instead of the cylindrical geometry. The main goal of this publication is to investigate the possibilities to improve even further the capabilities of this neutron data measurement facility.