100 Years of Telephone Switching

Part 2: Electronics, Computers and Telephone Switching (1960-1985)


Chapuis, R.J.,
Joel, Jr., A.E.

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(second printing 2005)


This book explores both the technology and marketing decision-making in a world-wide industry where product purchasers represent long-term decisions and where the rate of change of the technology has been incredibly rapid. The context in which switching systems were developed and deployed is sometimes as important as system descriptions. The reader should consider the contents of this book as a whole and not just as a reference to a specific system of interest. The book deals essentially with the mainstream switching systems required for the public network. It does not cover the history of switching for private switching installations (PBX, etc.) or cellular mobile radio services, nor does it refer to data switching, especially packet switching, etc., which are in a different class of products. The book is about the history of core switching systems and signaling that have been developed to form public telecommunication networks. Claims to being first in specific niches are made by many; particularly in the highly competitive arena switching currently finds itself. Furthermore, readers with subsidiary interests, such as networks, maintenance, operations and administration systems and equipment will probably be stimulated to consider the history of those related subjects.