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Welcome to the IOS Press website. We are an international publishing house producing peer-reviewed content covering science, technology, and medicine, and providing specialized services that support scientific advancement. 


As a signatory of the UN SDG Publishers Compact, we are committed to developing sustainable practices. View here!


Making up our scholarly ecosystem is the extended community of authors and reviewers, and network of librarians. We supply information in support of our publishing and licensing services.

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IOS Press Labs is a virtual meeting place where we can share what’s happening behind the scenes at IOS Press and what we’ve learned with all of our communities: readers, authors, editorial board members, reviewers, librarians, developers, and business partners.

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Recent Labs Blog Post

Discover how IOS Press, a leading STM publisher based in Amsterdam, is actively contributing to global sustainability efforts. Since signing the SDG Publishers Compact in December 2020, IOS Press has been committed to aligning its operations with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030. Through the establishment of a dedicated working group, IOS Press is diligently identifying strategies to integrate sustainability into its publishing practices. From analyzing current activities to engaging with its community, learn how IOS Press is championing sustainability and informing its audience about SDG developments.


We are dedicated to supporting evolving publishing and industry developments. Collaboration and the development of strong partnerships are integral to the delivery of our program and we do this through various initiatives.

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Guided by core values that strive to meet the highest professional standards, our goals and business practices are straightforward, transparent, and ethical. We offer specialized services and products that elevate the quality, accessibility, and impact of research.